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Los Deline workshop
26th and 27th of September

The education was moderated by Stockholm Medicus founder Magnus Lang who together with specialist doctor plastic surgeon doctor Victor Schwartz lead this beginner education. Dr. Schwart is also one of the most experienced Los Deline therapists in the world.

Los Deline® is a non-enveloped injectable implant, that is designed for reshaping contouring procedures such as breast and buttocks augmentation, wrinkles smoothing, body contouring with long term aesthetic effect.

Los Deline® volumizing injectable implant is made in compliance with the latest achievements of modern aesthetic medicine. The superiority solution gives patients the opportunity to get a perfect look without surgery or long recovery time.

Los Deline® provides customers with the highest quality products, giving the priority to the patient’s interests and safety.


The product was developed using the latest technology providing unprecedented purity and efficiency.


Pure and safe raw materials together with unique production technology make Los Deline® a universal volumizing product.

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